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Lots of women would love to know the answer to a very common question which is how to make him want me.

The first thing you should consider is do you love yourself? If you feel good about yourself you will project positive energy, and this can be very attractive. No one wants to be around someone who is full of negativity, and self doubt.
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You need to feel confident about who you are, and not relying on friends or men to constantly boost your self confidence. Be accepting of who you are.

It doesn’t matter if you constantly make mistakes, or aren’t good with money, or are shy, you will have some great qualities that you need to highlight. You may be a very compassionate person, or have a lot of patience and tolerance.

You need to feel happy in your own company and have your own interests. This not only gives you something to talk about but it also shows that you are an independant woman.

Being available all the time can become dull. He may decide that being with you isn’t challenging enough and this could become a turn off. It doesn’t mean that you have to constantly refuse dates with him. Just have maybe one evening a week that you meet up with your friends, go dancing, or go to a class.

Let go of any negativity from past relationships. If you have had bad experiences with men, then try to let go of them, otherwise you may find yourself unconsciously pushing men away from you, as you are expecting them to behave badly towards you.

If you want to know “how to make him want me”, then just following some of the above advice will certainly go a long way to getting him to want you.

Spontaneity in a relationship can keep the spark alive and keep him interested in you. Plan a surprise trip to a concert to see his favourite band, or even a romantic weekend away.

Don’t take your boyfriend for granted. Always thank him for helping you out, such as fixing your car, or mending that leaky tap. Reward him by cooking his favourite food, or just give him a hug.

A common mistake that women often make is to talk about themselves too much, or their past boyfriends. Of course he will want to know more about you, but keep an air of mystery about yourself. If you tell him every single detail about yourself he may start to lose interest.

Never let yourself go. I mean your physical appearance. It’s quite common for women to feel that they don’t have to try any more when they get a man. In the early stages of dating you are keen to make a good impression, and will wear make up and look feminine.

After a time you begin to feel comfortable and may start to neglect yourself. Men like a woman to look like a woman, so wearing short skirts and high heels, as well as make up, and making your hair look good, is usually a sure way to keep him interested.

Don’t be pushy. Men don’t like to feel under pressure and may be scared off by a woman trying to push for commitment. The more you chase after him the more he may run the other way.

If he has a high paid job, it’s quite possible that he may think that you only like him for his money, and not for himself. Always offer to pay for your share of a meal out, or even offer to treat him. Men want to be loved for who they are and not for how much they earn.

I hope that these tips help to answer your question “how to make him want me“. Just be patient and don’t try to rush things. Be yourself and don’t pretend to be what you are not.

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